Why is the cold
so magic?

Using the benefits of low temperatures is an ancient idea: Hippocrates himself considered it some 400 years BC.
That’s why we used these proven results to elaborate a range of targeted protocols...

Based on over 15 years of experience in « CRYO-COSMETOLOGY » and our expertise, we developed a concept combining our unique cooling technology with cosmetology.
...and the magic happened with the -5°C electronically stabilized cold!

We are providing you with high-quality and innovative treatments that will make you crave for more! The results after the very first CRYODERMIE® treatment will exceed your expectations.

The virtues of the cold
in other fields

In the field of aesthetics

- The cold enhances facial blood microcirculation
- It oxygenates skin tissues
- It regenerates
- It stimulates
- It heals
- It firms the skin

In aesthetics, cosmetics are used as well, for which skin penetration can differ depending on the chosen technique of « conduction »:

- Heating: heating masks, infrared, etc.
- Electric currents: galvanic, direct and alternate.
- Cooling: ice, ice packs (gel packs), “electronically stabilized cold” which is the most advanced technology, directly derived from the works of renowned physicist Peltier.
We opted for electronically stabilized cold, an innovative and natural technique that can be used on all skin types.

In the medical field

- It boosts the skin-healing process
- It increases muscle regeneration, by slowing down inflammations
- It stimulates liveliness
- It improves our mood
- It helps to relax

Our expertise:
the cryodermie®, beauty by coolness at -5°C

High-technology has impacted our lives in all areas, including in aesthetics.

As a result,
Osé Group is committed to :

respect and protect the skin
Advances in research science are showing that skin tissues are not only a “shell” for the human body, but a complex organ on its own which requires specific care.
Carefully select the most efficient active ingredients,
meeting the highest European standards CE n°1223/2009
Use cutting-edge technology without any contraindications for the skin.
Electronically stabilized CRYO at -5°C is risk-free (no chapping or cracking, no cold burn thanks to the control of temperature).

The Cryodermie® represents a brand new generation of facial treatments. We mastered the effectiveness of freezing temperatures and suppressed any inconvenience. This led to a simple yet efficient technology, along with a specifically formulated line of products to be used with the CRYO at -5°C.

The effectiveness of the cryodermie®
comes from:

1/ The creation of a thermal shock

Experimental studies on locally induced hypothermia (cryotherapy) have shown that the effectiveness of this technique is based on one strict precondition: the cooling process must be done in a minimal amount of time, since slower and gradual cooling will negatively impact the results.
In contact with the skin, electronically stabilized cold at -5 °C induces this thermal shock immediately. It then facilitates the Cryophorese® process, which increases the in-depth penetration of our cryo-active products:
The CRYOPHORESE® is a thermal conduction technique of our actives. The etymology of the word Cryophorèse® perfectly describes its basic principle (Cryo: cold and phoresis: migration).
It generates a significant increase in blood and lymphatic microcirculation thanks to intermittent vasomotion (vasoconstriction and vasodilation). As a result, it activates the deeper penetration our carefully selected active ingredients (thanks to a “pumping” mechanism).

2/ A stabilized temperature of -5°C:

this is called the Peltier Effect which is integrated into our Cryo probe

A stylish and user-friendly probe with a round-shaped nozzle.

The main interest of the Peltier Effect is as followed: by precisely adjusting the intensity of an electric current, we are able to generate a stabilized cold, at the exact temperature we need.

The Peltier effect we selected:
Heat is dissipated on the hot side while cooling is absorbed by the cold side.

3/ A ROUND-SHAPED NOZZLE (with a flat contact surface):

integrated to the Cryo probe, and designed for optimal thermal conduction and to match the shape of the face.

In aluminum (4G), the thickness of the nozzle allows the conduction of the cold all the way to the dermis (deep layer of the skin). We chose its round shape in order to match the forms of anyone’s face.
Easy to maintain thanks to disinfectant wipes.

4/ THE CRYODERMIE® equipment :

Made in France, it uses a cutting-edge technology.

It includes a stylish control box, the CRYO probe and its round-shaped nozzle especially designed for facial treatments. It incorporates our sophisticated electronic board which adjusts the intensity of the electric current, allowing a stabilized cold temperature of -5°C.

5/ Especially formulated products

Our Research & Development department partnered with a French laboratory, in order to formulate a highly-specific range of products, as followed:

  • A product to prepare and condition the skin to receive our active ingredients.
  • A non-abrasive scrub specific to cold temperature, to allow deeper exfoliation.
  • A creamy mask suitable for cold temperature.
  • A moisturizing gel able to hydrate the skin for 24h and which, combined with the conductive properties of the cold, will regenerate the hydration process itself.
  • A serum which includes a high concentration of active ingredients.

We also decided to add an antioxidant active in all our products which protects against skin-aging free radicals.

6/ Specific care protocols

Find out more about our in-depth treatments, specific cares and express cares in the tab CRYODERMIE®

7/ An application time of the probe of at least 20 minutes

Each application of the probe must take 3 to 5 minutes for optimal results.

In any of our care protocols, the probe must be used at least 20 minutes so that the THERMAL SHOCK can occur multiple times in order to stimulate both the blood and lymphatic circulations.

This technique allows you to treat 100% of skin issues:

  • Hydration, oxygenation, regeneration, firming (lifting/toning), healing.
  • Sécheresse cutanée.
  • Skin dryness.
  • Acne, rosacea (couperose) and other spots, redness or blemishes (anti-inflammatory)

Cryo treatments are recommended for all ages.
under 30 years old: preventive care.
over 30 years old: repairing care.